patch paintings

(1) two birds fighting between a worm

(2) nightmare horse


figurehead (of ship)

cardboard and plaster and wood on wheels

Uladahl pudding = rice pudding w/ custard & raisins

the pudding was runny and paternalistic

"Occult Raffle" with twenty eight paintings to go for £1 each

given away in order that my favourite is given away last

(top left) we have a winner!

materiality: carnal wilderness

cultural associations made between a carnal wilderness (materiality) and sexuality. Hiranyagarbha, a golden egg of primordial soup. the racey wilderness through which Gawain must ride. the grotesque Melusine transformed at night. a Tess of the D'Urbevilles with lips like strawberries. 1980's archaeologists worshipping a Mother Goddess. Tiamat the glistening goddess torn flesh from flesh by Marduk the male storm god to create the parts of the universe. Angel Blake grows patches of beast fur on her young body, infecting the local children they escape to the woodland peripheries to taunt and siege the upright Anglican order of the village

'Aegean Disc' 18 x 18 cm, oil on canvas, 'Warebeth Beach' 20 x 25 cm, oil on board. 'Fanny's Dead at the Buck Head Inn', 30 x 20 cm, oil on canvas; objects on shelf, ceramic bowl, lead weights, plastic horns, clay pig; print-making, woodcut, digital print on acetate, etching on fabriano; Gertrude the witch; Head of Dionysus, cardboard and plaster

Edinburgh, February 2016.



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